FullCircle Registry has evolved into an acquisition company to provide exit plans to successful profitable businesses in expanding business sectors. Our mission is to provide a home for those who have developed successful companies and have no exit capabilities.

We expect to provide our stock, notes and cash for these mergers as we develop an environment for the business owner to continue to manage the business after FullCircle acquires their business.

FullCircle Registry will provide liquidity for those entrepreneurs who wish to phase out of their businesses and enjoy the fruits of their life’s work as the company grows and our stock appreciates.

For over 45 years Berkshire Hathaway has provided exit plans for many companies. We believe that this same business model will work for profitable smaller businesses.

Our Mission Statement
         FullCircle Registry, Inc.’s, mission is to provide exit capabilities for small to medium sized private profitable, companies through acquisition, to improve our stockholder value while leaving those companies autonomous where possible to continue to be managed by the team that founded them, and subsequently providing liquidity and increased returns for the founder(s).

FullCircle Registry has opened up subsidiaries to be homes for our acquisitions. Each subsidiary will have a page so that we can keep our investors current on the activity.

Quality Companies Owned by FullCircle Registry

FullCircle Entertainment, Inc.

We purchased Georgetown 14 Cinemas in 2010 and are improving the movie experience for our patrons in Indianapolis, Indiana.

FullCircle Medical Supplies, Inc.

We are currently in the process of acquiring several DME businesses to provide full state coverage for Louisiana. We have multiple Letters of Intent released and are gathering financial information. We expect to begin the acquisition of several businesses in the near future.